Friday, June 7, 2013

Don’t Let the Big, Brown Eyes Fool You

By: Carmela Cunningham

Boy, you think you know someone. Then they go and do something so out of character, so outrageous, so heinous, that it leaves you reeling.

For the last year, we’ve shared a little Yorkshire Terrier with my brother-in-law. He’s a 13-pound cutie, which is pretty big for a Yorkie, but a great size for a small dog. He’s big enough to take for a mile-long walk, but small enough to carry that last quarter-mile when he’s all tuckered out.

I never really wanted a dog, but Henry is such a sweetie, that I only had to babysit him for two days before wanting him full-time. And although my brother-in-law won’t give him up, he is willing to share.

So, the pup spends a few days here with Daddy George and Mommy and a few days “there” with Daddy Charlie. When he’s “there,” he goes by the name, Pup Daddy. To us, he’s Henry.

Henry is about as sweet as they come. He’s a cuddler. He’ll chase a ball and fetch his bone, but he’s always been more of a lover than a runner, and that’s pretty good for me. I wrap him in a blankie and cuddle […]

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