Kaboom Title Art

Welcome to Lawnville

Nymphomaniacs, backyard dogs, stressed out homeless vets, high school bullies, cop sex,  fast-talking lawyers, unfaithful husbands, and the war between the bus drivers and mail men. What’s not to like?

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Mobsters and Murder

It’s 1971 and one reporter is determined to get to the bottom of his story even if the police don’t like him, his own editors tell him to lay off, and his sexy ex-wife warns him to grow up and get a real job if he wants back in her bed.

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What’s the Story Behind The Big Story?

Let author George Lee Cunningham tell you in his own words.




A Boy and His Pony

Sixteen-year-old Jeff Martin is a young man with big problems. When somebody steals his pony Jeff vows to get him back, even if it means going someplace he had never been and facing unknown dangers along the way.

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The Saltwater Kids

Twelve-year-old twins Art and Minnie are in for the adventure of their lives. Hurricane Carl is on its way. Their mom is in Afghanistan. Their fireman father has to go help secure the town, and their dog Pepper has run off. Could things possibly get any worse? Maybe. You can find out when you read the first adventure of The Saltwater Kids.

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A Guide for Universal Accessibility

This practical guide tells how colleges and universities can – and should – provide adaptive technologies and electronic information to ensure people with disabilities get the same educational and work opportunities as everyone else. The premise of the book is that the reason to provide such services is three-fold. It’s the right thing to do. It’s economically prudent. And, it’s the law.

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 A Land and Its People

The story of a coastal mudflat from its days as an Indian hunting and fishing ground to its development into one of the world’s leading international gateway for trade.

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Track of the Hunter

 A routine assignment for a Summer intern with the U.S. Forest Service turns into a dangerous search for Big Game poachers in California’s Eastern High Sierras.

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An Exclusive Club

Today you’re a hero, tomorrow you’re a bum. You make a lot of money, but it can all be over if who have a bad streak and  a younger, stronger player comes along to take your place. It’s life in the Major Leagues and nobody tells it better than Larry LaRue.

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High Adventure

Two brothers and a cousin wander off from a disabled bus to chase a deer in the High Sierras, get lost, and end up in a struggle to survive as night falls and it starts to snow. Add to that a hungry rogue bear, and the boys’ situation goes from terrible to hopeless. Not just for kids.

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