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2020 Vision



After years of sitting in meetings and writing stories about “2020 Plans,” George Cunningham came up with his own 2020 Vision this year. A dozen poems – one for each month – in which George considers everything from why boy dogs like to pee on everything to what people in airplanes think about the folks below. And absolutely everything in between. His poems don’t rhyme, but they’ve got a great rhythm. We hope you enjoy them. Click on 2020 Vision.

Not a Good Housekeeping Thanksgiving

Our Little Turkey

Real Thanksgiving Day feasts are nothing at all the way they’re pictured on the cover of Good Housekeeping Magazine.  In the magazine, there’s a beautiful roasted turkey with steaming mashed potatoes, a specially made autumn-colored centerpiece, hand-cut crystal glasses, and everyone is wearing color-coordinated outfits.

It’s not quite that way at the Cunningham house.  First of all